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Some issues with estimates you need to know:

Inaccurate Information – Often, car owners unknowingly make inaccurate diagnoses, which leads to an inaccurate quote. According to many shops, 37% of phone quotes turn out to be higher than the actual repair costs because of a misdiagnosis from the car owner.

Low-Ball” Estimates – A shady mechanic could give you an low price just to get you in the door – then, that estimate suddenly rises once you’re in the shop. Or, the mechanic could use lesser quality parts to keep the price down, but those parts also lower the quality of your repair and could result in another repair much earlier than necessary.
Remember: Good, honest mechanics don’t like to give phone quotes because they know that giving a fair and accurate estimate depends on their personal inspection and diagnosis of your vehicle.


Comparing us to the dealer
Serious Fleet and Automotive is an independent automotive repair, and fleet management facility. In addition, Serious Fleet and Automotive has been successful in providing service to individuals with personal cars.

We pride ourselves in quality repairs and quick, realistic turn around times. We understand the need for business vehicles to be on the road and not sitting in the shop waiting to be worked on.

Automotive dealerships are notorious for very long turn around times and high prices. On average Serious Fleet and Automotive can save our fleet customers 40% from what the dealership charges.

Our technicians are factory trained and certified. OEM or aftermarket parts are available depending on client budget or Serious Fleet and Automotive recommendations. Serious Fleet and Automotive honors a 12 month / 12,000 miles warranty on workmanship and manufacturer parts warranty.

Serious Fleet and Automotive
Parts Discounts
Vehicle Pick Up and Delivery Available
Short Turnaround Times
Master Certified Technicians
OEM and Aftermarket Parts
Warranty 12 months 12,000 Miles
Free Multipoint Safety Inspections

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Not Offered
Long Turnaround Times
Master Certified Technicians
OEM Parts Only
Warranty 12 Months 12,000 Miles
Charge for Inspections
Charge for Tire Rotation

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